AI-powered Virtual Makeup Try-on
Personalize the buying experience of customers by recommending customized beauty products
Woman has tried makeup using virtual makeup try-on
A lady trying virtual lipstick try-on in real-time A lady trying virtual lipstick try-on in real-time
Ease Of Adoption
  • Build a virtual try-on experience through your website
  • Separate mobile application not required for offering a real-time virtual makeup experience
  • Create an immersive virtual dressing room or a virtual beauty counter for your customers
Hand of a woman trying lipstick swatches and a laptop screen showing virtual lipstick try-on
  • Our calibration tool accurately extracts and identifies the shades from the entire range of the product catalog
  • Our solution is trained on more than 700,000 images with the detection capability of six different skin types and ethnicities
  • We provide a jitter-free virtual makeup capability to create a realistic experience
Brand Benefits
Reduction in makeup sampling cost
Enable customers to try makeup from their home
Understand consumer behavior
Collect customer data points and offer personalized recommendations
Avoid dead stock by providing a digital catalog
How It Works?
A girl virtually trying makeup in a mobile app of Orbo AI and a lipstick is recommended to her
  • Click your photo using the device camera or try makeup in real-time
  • Choose the product and shade or apply a preset look
  • Our technology automatically applies the shade/look and also recommends products
Who We Work With ?
Developers and
camera apps
Deliver a great customer experience
Online and
offline retailers
Create a powerful
conversion funnel
Color cosmetics
Bridge the gap between product & customer
Advertising and marketing agencies
Enable agencies to create sales opportunities
How/Where To Integrate
A girl has tried lipstick, eyeshadow and blush virtually using virtual makeup try-on app
Integrate our virtual makeup API or SDK across multiple devices
Cross-platform Integration
Virtual makeup try-on can be integrated into a mobile app, digital kiosk and smart mirror
As a smart mirror, digital kiosk, website, tablet, and mobile application
Recommend Foundation By Auto-detection Of Skin Tone
Reduce purchase barriers by empowering users to find the right foundation shade effortlessly
A woman trying AI Foundation Shade Finder
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