Try Multiple Hairstyles With Just A Few Clicks
Decrease your customer acquisition costs with our virtual hairstyle try-on by simplifying haircut selection
Woman with a good hairstyle
A girl with normal hair trying virtual hairstyle try-on. She has changed her hair to curly A girl with normal hair trying virtual hairstyle try-on. She has changed her hair to curly
Ease Of Adoption
  • Plug and play solution with an easy-to-use interface
  • Brands can choose from a plethora of preset hairstyles
  • Hairstyles can be customized depending on geographic segmentation
  • We have an extensive database of more than 1000 hairstyles
  • It ranges from the latest celebrity haircuts to the all-time favorite movie stars
  • We also have hairdos from salons worldwide
  • Our hair mapping technology embeds the new hairstyle to represent a realistic look
  • The customer's natural hair color is used with 100% automated positioning and sizing capability
Brand Benefits
Increase walk-ins in your retail stores and salons
Creating eagerness among your customers to test different hairdos
Boost sales of hair extensions and hair styling tools
Increase customer engagement
How It Works
A girl trying virtual hairstyle try-on of Orbo AI in an app and a hairbrush is recommended to her based on her selection
  • Upload a front-facing photo
  • Select the target hairstyle
  • Our technology applies the hairstyle/extension on the user's face
  • Hairstyles are also recommended based on the user's face structure
  • Orbo offers a true-to-life experience by ensuring that the applied hairstyle does not look like a wig or unnatural
Beauty AI For Hair Care Brands And Salons
Informed decision
Customers can virtually try different hairdos and even choose from various hair color options. It enables them to confidently choose the haircut they want
Recommend personalized hairstyles
Based on the face shape and skin tone of a person, our beauty AI recommends the most suitable hairstyle and hair color
Increase footfall
When choosing a new haircut, we often consult with our friends. Customers can bring their friends to the salon to help them choose the right hairdo. It will create massive buzz and social media amplification leading to higher organic footfalls
Boost conversions
When customers virtually try more hairstyles, they are more likely to commit to an actual one
Who We Work With ?
Developers and
camera apps
Deliver a great customer experience
Online and
offline retailers
Create a powerful
conversion funnel
Color cosmetics
Bridge the gap between product & customer
Advertising and marketing agencies
Enable agencies to create sales opportunities
How/Where To Integrate
A girl having a wavy hair is virtually trying a curly hair using mobile
Integrate our virtual hairstyling API or SDK across multiple devices
Cross-platform Integration
Virtual hairstyle try-on of Orbo can be integrated into a mobile app, digital kiosk and smart mirror
As a smart mirror, digital kiosk, website, tablet, and mobile application
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