Face Tracking Software
Our deep facial model detects and tracks 209 landmarks on the face. It provides an accurate AI-based intelligent tracking platform for facial applications. Our model can extract or augment users' facial data, recognize skin tone or texture, and power flawless face detection. Our model can precisely detect any face in real-time even in low lighting conditions and does not require an internet connection
A woman has face mesh and her facial attributes are being identified with Orbo AI facial analysis technology
Technical MOAT
At Orbo we prioritize green and sustainable practices by abstaining from the use of GPUs and cloud infrastructure. Our commitment to privacy and global reach is reflected in our tech stack, which operates without the internet across 97% of the delivery channels. We adhere to all the international standards of data privacy and compliance with GDPR
Face of a girl is analysed on digital kiosk and mobile app with virtual makeup try-on app. No large cloud infrastructure 
					required to execute 
					AI applications using Orbo’s AI technology
Face Segmentation and Rendering
Experience the power of our facial feature detection enabling modifications of user appearances in AR and face-tracking platforms. Utilizing advanced convolutional neural networks, our face segmentation includes full face segmentation, skin segmentation, hair segmentation, and lips segmentation. Our renderings, adapt effortlessly to varying lighting conditions and skin tones, delivering hyperrealistic experiences
A young lady has face AI mesh
Beauty Recommendation Engine
Our platform thrives on the power of our beauty AI-driven recommendation engine, which enables us to provide personalized beauty product suggestions. By employing machine learning algorithms and thorough data analysis, our solution considers individual preferences, skin tones, and facial features for recommendations. Furthermore, our platform offers expert guidance and advice to help users effortlessly achieve their desired looks
A girl is being recommended products using virtual makeup try-on and AI skin analysis
Personalized Skin Analysis for Effective Results
Our AI skin analysis solution offers a personalized approach to skincare. Using a user-friendly mobile application, individuals can initiate the analysis process effortlessly. Through a quick selfie and face scan, our technology extracts crucial data on skin parameters, including texture, tone, and hydration levels. Our advanced algorithms then generate comprehensive skin analysis reports, providing valuable insights into the user's skin condition
Lady wondering which skincare product to buy
Tech Stack
Through the integration of frequency localization, transformers, and a recommendation system, our system efficiently processes and analyzes complex skin data. Frequency localization extracts features and processes signals, accurately identifying subtle variations in skin conditions. Transformers model long-range dependencies, enhancing robustness and context awareness in skin analysis
A thermal image of a woman
Hair Segmentation
Our hair segmentation technology sets a new standard of realism. Using computer vision, we seamlessly blend the hair color and hairstyle with natural hair instead of appearing as a fake overlay. With advanced algorithms and precise mapping, our solution accurately identifies and segments individual strands, ensuring a remarkably authentic virtual try-on experience
Hair segmentation technology
Omnichannel Deployment
Our Beauty AI is omnichannel ready and easily integrates across websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, and smart mirrors. This consequently increases your reach and widens your customer base
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