AI Skin Analysis For Customers Using A Selfie
Recommend personalized skincare products by identifying skin issues of your customers
A woman with face mesh is being recommended skincare products using AI
Skin issues of a girl are identified and using Skin AI, a skincare product is recommended to her Skin issues of a girl are identified and using Skin AI, a skincare product is recommended to her
Ease Of Adoption
  • Decode your customer's facial images to answer all their skin-related queries
  • A single line of code that easily integrates across websites, apps, or in-store beauty hardware devices
  • Simple API call post the image capture provides analysis of skin strength and skin priorities
  • Easy to understand smart skin suggestions without overwhelming the customer
A Highly Precise Skin Assessment Model
A girl has used the AI Skin Analysis of Orbo AI. She received her skin report that has different parameters and based on these skin issues parameters and skincare product is recommended to her
  • The smart skin analyser is trained on millions of images and further tested on 700,000+ images
  • It has the detection capability of six different skin types and ethnicities with the precise measurement of 209 unique facial points and 16+ skin parameters
  • Sample efficacy- A highly precise skin assessment model, that has been validated by not only the Hardware sensor module companies but also the top dermatologists who have been a part of the beauty pageants in India
Brand Benefits
Brands can provide personalized recommendations to customers based on their skin analysis
Build customer relationships by educating them about their skin
Increase conversion rate by helping customers buy the right product suited to their skin type
Strategize marketing efforts by leveraging customer data to build relevant messaging
How It Works
Step-wise instruction of how the smart skin analyzer of orbo ai works
Who We Work With ?
Developers and
camera apps
Deliver a great customer experience
Online and
offline retailers
Create a powerful
conversion funnel
Color cosmetics
Bridge the gap between product & customer
Advertising and marketing agencies
Enable agencies to create sales opportunities
How/Where To Integrate
Wrinkles and Dark Spots Skin issues of a girl are identified using AI skin analysis
Integrate our skin analysis API or SDK across multiple devices
Cross-platform Integration
AI skin analysis of Orbo can be integrated into a mobile app, digital kiosk and smart mirror
As a smart mirror, digital kiosk, website, tablet, and mobile application
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