Real-Time Face Beautification & Retouch
Take your customer experience to the next level with our seamless facial feature enhancement
Before after image of a girl getting a chin lift using AI Before after image of a girl getting a chin lift using AI
Ease Of Adoption
  • Easy to integrate technology
  • A single line of code that integrates across websites, apps, or in-store beauty hardware device
  • Attracts potential users by enhancing the user experience
What We Offer
Our tool offers a softening effect on your customer's skin to minimize the visibility of imperfections and present a polished-looking appearance. Following are the additional features that will help your users to enhance their facial attributes
1Overall face slimming
2Enlarge eyes
3Face contour
4Teeth whitening
5Jawline slimming
6Nose slimming
7Eye color - Lens
8Adding smile
9On-screen activity detection
10Gaze tracking
Our Calibration Tool Works Precisely!
Using AI, the jawline of a girl is reshaped
  • Our continual deep learning technology and artificial intelligence model captures all the facial data points to create a face that looks realistic
Brand Benefits
Develop cross-platform AR apps using lightweight and optimized SDKs for the camera
Engage users with facial enhancement features
Reach younger audiences through real-time virtual try-on and makeup simulators
Enhance video calls with touch-up filters and add privacy with virtual backgrounds
Who We Work With ?
Developers and
camera apps
Deliver a great customer experience
Online and
offline retailers
Create a powerful
conversion funnel
Color cosmetics
Bridge the gap between product & customer
Advertising and marketing agencies
Enable agencies to create sales opportunities
How/Where To Integrate
The eyes of a lady is reshaped using AI
Integrate our face beautification API or SDK across multiple devices
Cross-platform Integration
Facial attributes enhancement of Orbo can be integrated into a mobile app, digital kiosk and smart mirror
As a smart mirror, digital kiosk, website, tablet, and mobile application
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