Computer vision and AI powered Imaging

We envision a near-future where our AI powered Camera would not only help you see, interpret accurately, but also provide you contextual information and become a gateway to the world and not just stay limited to computational photography through our deep learning technology based solutions.

iamge retouching icon

Image Retouching SDK

Easy to integrate and highly customizable 

Easy to integrate and highly customizable. Our SDK’s will set a new standard in photo retouching on both Android and iOS platforms.

Our automated features will make your skin look smooth and healthy, remove any blemishes or imperfections, remove background or unwanted objects and will add artificial colors on multiple SKU’s to save you time.

deep facial recognition icon

Deep Facial Tracking SDK

Unique opportunity to change the standard cameras into a much more powerful one

Orbo’s face tracking technology can be implemented across devices to identify human emotions, transformative & augmented effects as well as one can build enhanced camera centric applications.

The adaptive facial intelligence allows Brands, OEM’s, retailers to help invigorate a customer base by offering them utilities beyond facial recognition, accelerate them towards loyalty, and help expand a fan base through social media.

virtual Makeup icon

Virtual Makeup SDK

virtual makeup to give realistic experience to customers

Whether you are an ecommerce company selling cosmetics or a beauty startup, it’s always great to add tangible feature such as virtual makeup to give realistic experience to customers.

Customize any look with hundreds of virtual makeup options. Foundation, Eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, Eye-lashes - it's all at your fingertips.

Low Light

This brings you algorithmic power to enhance low light environments with brilliance and illuminations.


Industry leading image processing technology that improves your appearance automagically.


Remove simple or complex background instantaneously in mobile devices.


It delivers vivid and sharp photos that looks like they have been taken with a pro camera and edited by professional.


Object Removal provides unneeded object removal from images and allows user to choose what to remove.


Our deep facial tech allows you to add a smile on anyone’s face without a tickle.


Our leading edge facial technology allows user to add a little curves and contours on their face.


Virtually add any makeup element before you purchase one.


2X Super resolution algorithm built on cutting edge computer vision and deep learning technology.


Reduce unwanted noise and blur from images.